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About P-TECH

Areas of Study

Del Valle ISD has partnered with Austin Community College, Tesla, Infineon, Cisco, and GTS Technologies to provide our Pathways in Technology Early College High (P-TECH) young scholars with an educational opportunity to earn their high school diploma, a level 1 certificate, and/or an Associate Degree in Applied Science simultaneously, while still in high school. Our Programs of Study are Advanced Manufacturing and Cybersecurity.

Benefits of P-TECH

The Del Valle ISD P-TECH program was originally designed for students to take all coursework to complete a high school diploma, Level I Certificate in Advanced Manufacturing, and an Associates of Applied Science in Advanced Manufacturing as part of their high school graduation plan. This plan provides an opportunity for students to earn the certificate and degree with no cost to them. While completing all of this coursework in four years continues to be an option, it includes taking several courses in the summer and may limit the number of elective choices available during the school year. 

Now, in collaboration with Austin Community College and Tesla, Del Valle ISD is excited to announce a five-year plan and a Tesla scholarship;

  1. The option to select a five-year program that creates a more flexible high school student schedule allowing students more choices.  A major consideration to this five-year option is that it will not require students to attend summer courses as part of the program. 
  2. Tesla is providing a scholarship to support students in the Advanced Manufacturing P-TECH who choose to finish the degree in the five-year program. The scholarship will be designed to cover tuition costs beyond what the Federal Pell Grant will provide. If students do not qualify for the Federal Pell Grant, the Tesla scholarship will cover all tuition for the fifth year. 

The Federal Pell Grant is a financial award for undergraduate students who display exceptional financial need and have not earned a bachelor's, graduate, or professional degree. Students automatically apply for the Federal Pell Grant when they complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). FAFSA completion is a requirement for high school graduation in Texas. Students complete this application in the fall of their senior year in high school. 

The five-year P-TECH Advanced Manufacturing program will allow students to earn a total of 42 college credit hours at no cost to families and the Level I Certificate while in high school and finish the additional 18 college hours of the associates degree at ACC after high school graduation supported by a Tesla scholarship. 

P-TECH students can participate in extracurricular activities during their freshman and sophomore years. However, the college course load increases during the junior and senior years, requiring careful consideration and planning to continue participating in both.